The goods are packed in carton boxes or in special opaque polyethylene safe-packets.

Additionally the goods are wrapped in carton and polyethylene bubble wrap to make it

it impossible to understand what is inside the package by touch, and to avoid the goods damages during transport.

There are no goods names on the package, and there are no name and address of the site.

Sender is the usual legal entity with an usual name or just an ordinary individual.

How does the package looks like

Large orders are packed into neutral cartonbox without any brand labels.Address only is specified on the box,the contents of the box is nowhere specified.

На каробке указан только адрес,
содержимое коробки нигде не указывается.
Small orders are packed in specialopaque polyethylene safe-packetswith post or courier service logo.

Additionally products are wrapped in carton,to make it impossible to understand what isinside the package by touch.